Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gadgets: AC Gears 69 E. 8th Street New York City

Here we are another day of strolling the streets of New York City. I found this very interesting and chic store. What I found inside was a bunch of fun, cute, and astonishing gadgets. This store offers a lot of goodies. They have anything from headphones to robots. I must remind you that what this store offers is not just any kind of gadgets, but much more. Some may call it a lifestyle and some may just say its just an interest, but either or this is the spot for all you gadget & electronic lovers. The store is pretty close to St. Marks so if you happen to fall short thinking about what to do while your in the area, just drop by take a look. You never know! You might just find something that you have always been looking for! Enjoy!

*Here I posted more photos of AC Gears Store*
Photos From StyleMag.Net

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