Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gadgets: Segatoys Mu-Bot Robot Earphones for iPod

Pretty cool picture right? Well this is the Segatoys Mu-Bot Robot Earphones for iPod(39.99$). What is it you ask? It is pretty much just an earphone coming from a Mu-Bot (short for Music Robot). If your looking for quality in sound than this is not the gadget for you. However if your still using your stock earphones from iPod than these are pretty much the same if not a little better. You can wear it around your neck or do the same shown above and just stand it on your desk. I think it's cool. The Mu-Bot is not tpo big as you can compare it to the iPod above and it matches the iPod. What else is there to say? Reminder again this is an exclusive item from Japan! You can get these from the AC Gears store once again or on their website at

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