Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fashion/Toys: Tokidoki NYC Capsule Store 176 Spring Street

So, here is the latest news if you haven't heard about Tokidoki yet. I myself, have only recently been introduced to this brand. Therefore, here is a little background information on the Tokidoki. They started being noticed around Spring 2006 when their first print of bags were released. Partnered up with LeSportsac to produce cute, yet fashionable purses and bags. As time went by they started to ventured into different lines and even more collaborations with other well known name brands. Here is a little list of their recent partnerships with the names we know about such as; Hello Kitty, Onistukas, Levis, New Era, BearBrick among others. Tokidoki is growing fast and on opening day there was a large line for fans to meet the one and only Simone Legno(Creator and head Designer). I also waited in that line to some products signed. While the store itself is very small it has a lot to offer. If you like cute clothing, bags, assessories, and even the latest fad in collecting Vinyl toys this is the place for you. If your ever in the Soho area in NYC take a little walk and head down to Tokidoki. Who knows? You may end up being a fan also!

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