Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ramen anyone? Ippudo! 65 4th Avenue New York, NY

All right all right, so I haven't really been posting up new things. However here is a late, but new addition to the blog. Ippudo NYC is something that I dare say is one of the best ramen Establishments in the city. While the price may be the mid-ranges it is not that expensive and it is quite filling. Also you should definitely try the Hirata Buns with the pork and their cocktails are also something everyone should try. For Hirata Buns think of it as immense flavor bursting within your taste-buds with just the right amount of bun to make it a complete perfection. As for the cocktails their not that strong in alcohol content, but they are very good and have a unique distinct flavor. I prefer the Yamagasa myself. For going by train take the 6 green line exit Astor Place. For better location details it is on 4th avenue between E. 9th Street and E. 10th Street. Enjoy.

P.S. For all those that have not been to the city or if you are already in the area you can walk a block and a avenue down towards 8th Street which is St. Marks to check out other Japanese Cuisines as well as the bars and lounges there.

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